रोजगार प्राप्ति हेतु सिद्ध टोटका Totke For A Good Job

Totke For A Good Job

Totke For A Good Job ,” If you are highly educated but still unemployed, or there are a lot of problems in your job or you want to do a good job with great salary. Try our totka to find a job.

So here are some remedies and totke given by Kamandali baba ji that can help you in achieving a well paid job.

 1-If you are searching for a good job opportunity, so whenever you go out from home to find a job, just say “I want a good job instantly” it really works. It may be repeated 21 times and when you get a job, be thankful to god.


 2- You are searching a job but still you are not getting it. At good time collect the 21 coins of one rupee and 20 coins of two rupees, buried the coins in plant of tulsi and do pooja of tulsi, and at last take 11 parikrma (round) of tulsi. When you get a job just collect the coins from the plant and distribute them among the small girls.  

 3-If you are going for an interview and want to get success in it. Take 5 abhimantrit kodiya and put a tilak on that, after doing this take an anticlockwise circle of your body (usar le) and give it to jyotshi with 11 rupees. You will surely get success in the interview.

 4-If you want to get a successful job, on the first Monday of the month, take a white cloth, put some black rice, bind both of them together and put it (chada de) on the godess Bhagwati Kali. By doing this the ways to get a successful job will be opened.

 5-If you want to transfer in a city near to your home, then at night sleep at south side, take two bowl (patra) of tamba, one bowl will be filled with ghud and second bowl will be filled with water, take 21 seeds of mirch. Put (chadana) all these stuff to surya devta (sun). By doing this your ambition will be fulfilled very soon.

Follow any of our job totka and live happily.

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